• Security responsibility and risk

    Shorter Solutions Consulting Group will professionally lead how risk will be managed in your organization. Planning includes: risk management tasks, responsibilities, activities and budget. Using industry leading tools and strategies we outline how particular risk situations are handled assessing the what, when, by who and how will tasks are to be completed to eliminate potential liability.

  • strategy moving forward

    We specialize in implementing a planned approach to streamline operations which utimately culminates in successful delievance of business goals. SSCG will provide overall direction to your enterprise business needs by meeting the expectations of management and other stakeholders of the organization.

  • solutions a focus on health care

    Shorter Solutions is a premier health care management and information systems consulting firm that serves both public- and private-sector organizations. We combine a special blend of skills, experience and deep industry knowledge to help our clients achieve high-impact results. With expertise in operational administration, program management and systems technology.


Government agencies, associations, nonprofit organizations and commercial clients rely on Shorter Solutions Group to find solutions and deliver exceptional services. With our GSA MOBIS Schedule, we offer a wide range of management consulting services that include:

Professional Health Services
International Work
Information Technology
Open Architecture Systems
Project Management
Strategic and Operational Planning
Short-Term Executive Management
Financial Management
Practice Management
Event Planning and Support
Security and Risk Management
Emergency Planning and Response
Equal Employment Opportunity Resolution Services