International Work

Shorter Solutions provides technical assistance to large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors internationally. Shorter Solutions helps build the capacity of organizations to enable them to meet their stated objectives and performance goals. We have extensive experience working with diverse populations and with organizations in various stages of development and capability. Our technical assistance services help organizations interested in improving and expanding the public health and health care services they provide. Most of our clients are community-based organizations, governmental agencies, or Ministries of Health, all of which look to Shorter Solutions to provide comprehensive, integrated, and innovative approaches to meet their unique needs.

Shorter Solutions provides dynamic, continuous and consistent technical assistance over the duration of a project to help build capacity and strengthen partner institutions. Capacity building is centered on the market system, organization, personnel, and community/individual. We are committed to incorporating community-based perspectives and input into both policy development and program operations. A significant portion of our technical assistance has focused on developing capacity within community-based; organizations. We apply our experience, working closely with a full range of stakeholders to develop strong, successful collaborative efforts.